Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How are your leads generated?

    Though our mortgage websites which customers find while searching online for terms such as; home loans, home equity loans, and mortgage refinancing.

    How are leads delivered?

    We deliver leads to lenders via email or fax. Wholesale buyers receive leads via XML transfer or HTTPS POST.

    Are leads real time?

    Yes! The lead is sent to you within seconds of submission.

    What are the charges for adding filters?

    The filters we have available are free.

    What do you mean by exclusive?

    When we say exclusive we mean that we only sell the lead to 1 (one) loan officer or mortgage company.

    How are your leads different from other companies?

    Truth is not many companies even offer exclusive mortgage leads and the ones that do will nickle and dime you for adding filters. Leads which other companies may provide are probably not 100% organic which means that they go out looking for customers either by phone, email or other means. We do not charge for adding or adjusting your filters and 100% of the leads you receive from us are organic which means that the customer is online looking for home financing and found one of our websites on a search engine or on a finance related website.

    I can't find a lead in my email box, can you resend it?

    You can retrieve and re-print leads from inside your Loan Officer area once you login.

    Do you offer older leads at a discount?

    We do not have older leads. If a lead is not delivered to a loan officer in our program it goes to a wholesale buyer who does have a lender for a certain area.

    I lost my User Name or Password, can you resend it?

    Your User Name is your email address you initially signed up with. The system will resend your information to the email address on file if you click on "Forgot Passwod" in the Lender Login area. This information is also available at the bottom of every lead you have received.

    Do you require a long term contract?


    How do I purchase leads for my area?

    Go to "Lender Login" and select the "Open an Account" below the login area. Once you set up your account you will need to fund it. Once your account is funded an Administrator will activate your account and send you notice via email.

    I have not received any leads yet, what is going on?

    It can depend on your location you selected to receive leads from and can depend on your filters. If you feel that you may have set your filters too tight just notify online support, call or email us and a tech will adjust your filters for you at no charge.

    What are your conversion rates?

    We get asked this question quite a bit and conversions typically range from as low as 7% to as high as 30%. Conversions has a lot to do with you phone personality and sales ability. Loan Officers who report higher conversions are typically really quick to contact the customer by phone and get the customer to come into his or her office as soon as possible.

    Do you tell the customer I will be calling them?

    Yes, The customer receives an email just as quick as you receive the lead advising him or her that our system accepted the application and has delivered it to a loan officer. The customer is also told to please be around one of the phone numbers they provided on the form so that you can get in touch with them. The customer is expecting your call and you must remember that when you are the one waiting 2 hours can seem like 2 days. Inc.
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